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Haidilao 海底捞 has introduced an AI-powered “smart restaurant” in Singapore at Marina Squareits first outside of China .

Hotpot lovers should be familiar with Haidilao. After all, we did help (in a way) to make founder of Haidilao International Zhang Yong, Singapore’s richest man last year.

Anyway, so I won’t talk that much about the food here. Here are some 10 things about the new Hai Di Lao at Marina Square:

Light and sound projections This is a welcomed addition, and makes the restaurant look a lot more modern and futuristic.

Diners can expect an immersive experience from the hall to the private rooms that are powered with light and sound projections.

However, I noted that the effects were more apparent than the other.

As for sounds, I think they are still trying to figure the music out because there was only ONE SONG played throughout my meal there, which really sounded like spa music.

Private rooms
If you want to rent a private room, the price starts at $890

Intelligent food preparation machines

This smart technology includes a machine that customises soup bases and caters to customers’ diverse range of taste and specifications “with machine-like precision”.

You can choose the thickness (less, standard, extra), saltiness (standard, extra), sourness (standard, extra) and sweetness (standard, extra).

Customisation for Mala and Tomato soups
However, this technology currently applies to the Mala and Tomato soup bases only so far.

I always found the Tomato soup bases in my last few outings more on the diluted side, and so having extra thickness and standard sweetness helped.

Preference uploaded on cloud
Customer’s individual preference for their soup base will be recorded and uploaded to the cloud, and can be retrieved during their next visit.

This thing with stockade seems extremely ingenious to me.

Robot waiters
Other than the usual friendly Haidilao staff, there are robot waiters who will serve your food right to your table and call you “小主“ (Little Masters).

Some of my ordered food were sent by the robot and some by the watriesses.

5G experience corner
There is apparently a 5G experience corner to enjoy interactive virtual and augmented reality online games, though I didn’t see this.

The Manicure area
Haidilao is famous for providing free manicure services for ladies .

Condiments section
There are three condiments section (additional $4 per pax), which I initially assumed had more or less the same seasonings.

One section had more fruits, desserts (like soft beancurd), and even congee.

Chinese New Year
Hai Di Lao Marina Square remains business as usual on the eve and the first day of Chinese New Year.

Last note, Haidilao Marina Square doesn’t take reservation beyond 6:30pm, so you got to go down, get a number and wait for your turn.

Haidilao Hot Pot 海底捞 – Marina Square

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